Botanical Watercolor Gallery

Here are Marjo’s botanical watercolor illustrations and paintings and some botanical still life paintings. They are all botanically correct in every detail. It takes many days to finish one painting because of number of watercolor layers that have to be laid down and then dried to exact degree that is required for application of next layer. You can not start a true botanical painting in the morning and have it ready for framing in the evening. The shortcuts would definitely show.

This painting was one of several that were featured on a poster fot the Fifth Annual Botanical Art Show at Canada Blooms 2005.

These two works are one of the earliest paintings that Marjo has done. Because of the groupings it is not a true botanical painting, it is a botanical still life. Shortly after, she switched to true botanical illustrations.

 Yellow and Blue Iris.

Red Parrot Tulip


Bosc Pear. Isn't the skin perfect?

Holy and Rosehip

Red and Yellow Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip


Dragon Fruit. Chinese fruit that tastes a lot like strawbery.

Turban Squash. What an incredible painting! One of my favorites!

Yellow Iris. Again, the details are so life like.

Blue Iris. Another very professional painting.

 Magnolia. Just beautiful!

There will be more paintings in near future.